Parco degli Aromi

Western Sicily

A thousand places to visit

A thousand places to visit, experiences to live and shades to admire. A journey through natural, cultural and historical wonders to recharge body and soul with energy.

Erice medieval village view


Erice is the pearl of the Mediterranean. It is a crossroads of cultures and history, where the past merges with the present. Among the cobbled streets of the medieval village you can breathe the emotions of the past, amplified by the presence of imposing and authentic buildings such as the Castle of Venus or the Main Church. Emotions that also offer breathtaking views that can be admired from the Balio Gardens, which overlook the entire province, dominating it. Erice, at 751 meters above sea level, also reachable by cable way, is a destination worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Trapani view, Mount Erice landscape


The sea and the historic center : nothing better for a perfect holiday. In Trapani in the morning you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters, then dry with the summer sun and the wind breeze that never fails; in the afternoon you can immerse yourself in culture, with a thousand churches to visit, monuments, palaces, ancient towers and an ancient prison, the Dovecote, located on an islet a stone's throw from the coast; in the evening, finally, you can immerse yourself in worldly life, after tasting good fish. There is everything you need.



San Vito lo Capo is probably the best known tourist place in Western Sicily. The typically Caribbean waters, and the beach with fine white sand, surrounded by palm trees, attract thousands of tourists every year. But San Vito lo Capo is also the smell of the sea and the salt on the skin. It is the thousand colors of nature and the smells of good food that thicken in the nostrils, walking through the streets decorated with flowers. It is the setting of the sun by the sea. It's great events and fun. San Vito lo Capo is summer.

Temple of Segesta


An imposing Doric temple, still perfect today with its melancholic majesty, and an elegant Hellenistic theater, an example of harmony and refinement, make Segesta one of the most important destinations in Sicily, from a historical-cultural point of view. Located in the hills, in a sea of ​​greenery and immersed in the silence of the hilly landscape that surrounds it, Segesta boasts an Archaeological Park capable of offering timeless emotions.



Marsala is not only "the city where Garibaldi landed with the Thousand". Marsala is much more. It is the island of Mozia, the largest in the archipelago of the Stagnone Reserve, with the charm of natural landscapes that blends with history. Marsala is saline, unique aquatic floral species, shallow waters (some of which can be covered on foot for hundreds of meters), wonderful beaches such as San Teodoro. It is art, tradition, monuments and food and wine. Marsala is Marsala.

Castellammare del Golfo, seaside village


The fishermen returning home after a fishing trip. The sea, postcard beaches, good fish restaurants, a thousand places of historical and cultural interest. In Castellammare del Golfo, a seaside village surrounded by history and nature, you can find all this. Pearls of rare beauty are the Zingaro Nature Reserve, with its wonderful coves, the sandy or pebbly beaches of Scopello, Petrolo, Marina Grande and Guidaloca, and the Abisso dei Cocci, a suggestive and seductive underground cave.

temples of Selinunte


It is a large triangle in the heart of the province of Trapani. There is not so much sea, but there is nature in the Belice Valley. Crossed by the river of the same name, the valley is a succession of places of cultural interest. From the temples of Selinunte, to the Norman castle of Salemi, passing through the Quarries of Cusa di Campobello di Mazara and the ancient city of Poggioreale, which remained stopped in 1968, after the earthquake. Without forgetting the good cuisine, the typical and genuine one of the countryside, perhaps while sipping the excellent wine typical of those areas.